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Regular dental care is a must-have for all human beings. Your age group, gender, occupation or pastimes don’t matter. You have to keep your oral health in tiptop shape no matter what. If you’re trying to find Gold Coast dental care that’s a cut above the rest, we can make you jump for joy right now. Mermaid Dental is a well-known clinic that gives patients choices in all sorts of pertinent and vital treatments. Patients who need assistance with general dentistry can always lean on our office. Patients who need assistance with cosmetic matters can do the same. We accommodate patients who need fillings for cavities day in and day out. We manage patients who need teeth whitening treatment to reduce noticeable indications of discolouration as well. If immoderate coffee and soda consumption have taken a toll on the colouring of your formerly pearly whites, we can assist you.

A Modern Approach in Robina

Our facility is modern just as well as our approach to treating your oral health issues. We’ve taken every day of our professional lives to consider and reiterate our procedures on a nuanced level to provide the quality of care and the expertise needed to make your time spent at Mermaid Dental as comfortable as possible. There are many reasons why you may be looking for a dentist in Robina, and the three major reasons we see most people contact their health care provider is because of the need for emergency treatment usually due to immediate pain, aesthetic issues that have been bothering them perhaps for some time they are finally getting around to treating, or functionality issues being problems with chewing or aches in the jaw itself.

Whatever the reason, usually a combination of the three listed above, if you’re in search for dentist in Robina, look no further than the professionals at Mermaid Dental Surgery. Our plans are designed not to be the most expensive, but to precisely be the most effective and efficient dental care in a range of simple to complex options. Our practice has experience serving patients for over 30 years and Mermaid Dental also is preferred providers for all the major health funds – Medibank Private, Bupa, HCF, NIB, Qantas Assure, CBHS and West Fund. We also bulk bill services to medicare for Child Dental Benefit Scheme and Veteran affairs.

For non-private health patients, we charge modest fees, at least 30% less than the ADA schedule. A preventive care appointment for those without private health is only $149, and that is also something we’re very proud of.

Set Your Expectations High

If you’re waiting for a dentist Robina locals can get behind, we have you completely covered. Patients appreciate our office for a plenitude of reasons. We’re on hand to cater to patients who need urgent assistance. Our emergency help can go a long way for patients with intense toothaches, tooth injuries and more. Other examples of the essential treatments that are on hand here are cleaning sessions, checkups and root canals.

Our approach to dental care is 100 percent one-of-a-kind. Our professionals tailor patients’ dental care plans to their specific requests. If you want assistance from a seasoned dentist who can provide you with the care you need for amazing oral health, no office can be better than Mermaid Dental. Our staff members are among the most accommodating, helpful and comforting people around.

Our dental treatments epitomise superb results. They also epitomise budget-friendly rates. Phone our clinic now to reserve an appointment with a dentist Robina can applaud.

Preferred Provider For

We're a preferred provider for Bupa, Medibank Private, HCF, CBHS, NIB & Westfund. This allows Mermaid Waters Dental to provide gap free check-ups and cleaning appointments every 6 months for patients with these particular health funds.

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