When your teeth suffer from severe decay, trauma, or wear and tear, they may lose their natural shape and function. This can affect your oral health, as well as your appearance and confidence. Sometimes, the damage is so extensive that a regular filling cannot restore the tooth adequately. In these situations, a more durable and long-lasting solution is needed. That’s where crowns come in.

Crowns are custom-made caps that cover the entire visible part of the tooth. They are designed to match the colour, size, and shape of your natural teeth, so they blend in seamlessly with your smile. Crowns can restore the strength, function, and aesthetics of your teeth, and protect them from further damage.

Crowns are not only used for restorative purposes, but also for cosmetic reasons. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, crowns can help you achieve a more beautiful and harmonious smile. 

Crowns are usually made of ceramic, which is a strong and biocompatible material that mimics the natural enamel of your teeth. Ceramic crowns have many advantages, such as:


  • They are resistant to stains and abrasion
  • They are compatible with metal allergies
  • They have a natural translucency and reflect light like real teeth
  • They can be customised to match your desired shade and shape

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