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Mermaid Waters’ Premier Orthodontic Care by Dr. Ana


Getting braces is a common and effective way to achieve a straighter smile.

At Mermaid Waters Dental Surgery, the process begins with a consultation with Dr Ana, who assesses the alignment of the teeth and discusses the most suitable treatment plan. Once the braces are applied, regular adjustments are scheduled to shift the teeth gradually. While the duration of treatment varies, it typically lasts for a couple of years.

Although the initial days with braces may be an adjustment period, the long-term benefits are well worth it. Not only do braces enhance the smile’s aesthetics, but they also contribute to better oral health by addressing issues like overcrowding, misalignment, and bite problems. Regular dental check-ups during the treatment period help monitor progress and ensure a successful outcome, leaving individuals with a confident and beautifully aligned set of teeth.

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Why Choose Braces?

Braces are a time-tested solution for correcting misaligned teeth and achieving a harmonious, functional bite. Whether you’re dealing with crowded teeth, gaps, overbites, or underbites, braces can address a variety of orthodontic issues. Our orthodontist at Mermaid Waters Dental Surgery will assess your unique needs and craft a personalised treatment plan to ensure the best results for your specific case.


Why Choose Us for Braces in Mermaid Waters?


  • Expertise: Dr. Ana is a trusted orthodontist renowned for her precision and care.
  • Personalised Treatment: Every smile is unique. Our customised braces services ensure the best results tailored to your needs.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We embrace the latest orthodontic advancements for efficient and comfortable treatment.


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