Preparing for a tooth extraction? Allow us to provide you with a comprehensive overview of what to anticipate during the procedure and subsequent recovery.

To commence, our dentist will administer a local anesthetic, ensuring your utmost comfort by numbing the targeted area. This meticulous approach ensures that you remain completely at ease throughout the extraction process.

Following the extraction, you will be equipped with an “After Oral Surgery Care” form meticulously outlining essential information and post-operative instructions. This invaluable document serves as your tailored guide to a seamless recovery, furnishing details regarding recommended pain relief medications.

For individuals who are smokers, a prudent recommendation is to abstain for a 24-hour period post-extraction. This precautionary measure is advised as smoking can potentially impede the natural healing process.

Vigilance in monitoring any lingering discomfort is paramount in the days following the extraction. Should persistent pain be experienced, we encourage prompt communication with our office. Simultaneously, our dedicated team will proactively reach out to you a few days post-extraction, ensuring that the ongoing healing process aligns with expectations.

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